Happy Thanksgiving

from the Hunt PTA!



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We have a lot of people going the extra mile.

 let’s take a moment to recognize some of these bright lights.


Grade Level Coordinators


Thank you for helping each class and grade level get ready for the first day of school,

communicating with parents, and updating the grade level Facebook pages.


Julie Funston and Lizbeth Siscar - Kindergarten


Mary Lopez and Stephany Guerro - 1st Grade


Christi Reagan - 2nd Grade


Kristi Fudge and Stephani Baldwin - 3rd Grade


Cynthia Tran and Ashley Wilson - 4th Grade


Kim Hoover and Jill Ray - 5th Grade




PTA Officers

Thank you for pulling together the following activities.


Cynthia Tran and Stephanie Masullo Back To School Breakfast


Marisa Miller-Meet the Teacher night


Sarah Toth-Updating our website and Facebook pages


Carla Carle-Putting together our newsletters


Mayela Malczewski and Rachel Hurst-Initiating yearbook ordering


Caroline Denny-Organizing Spirit Nights


Stephanie Masullo-Organizing School supplies


Mark Toth-Organizing Watch Dog Dads


Kacie Bergeron-Maintaining meeting minutes


Kristi Salzman-Treasurer and organizing office volunteers


Mitzi Behnke-Training and organizing library volunteers and organizing Book Fair


Heather Wisniowski-Training our new treasurer


Jennifer Leedy and Carley Waggoner-Designing and selling spirit wear items


Christi Reagan-Training and organizing work room volunteers


Felisha Payne-Dramatic Play Coordinator


Alesha Haynes and Marissa Kilpatrick-Fun Friday Coordinators



"Early Bird" spirit sticks were given to teachers on Friday, Sept. 13 for those students whose parents joined the PTA prior to September 9, 2018.  Every member gets 1 free spirit stick and was given the option to order purchase for their additional students at the time they joined.


The spirit sticks were given to the first child listed in each family to be distributed to siblings.  If the teachers did not distribute them on Friday, Sept. 14th, they will on Monday, Sept. 17th. 


Unfortunately, if you did not purchase additional spirit sticks at the time you joined,

you are no longer able to do so. 



CLICK HERE to purchase a 2018-19 Hunt Yearbook for $30.  






CLICK HERE to sign up for Watch D.O.G.S. shift!


Fill out your volunteer application HERE.




Did you know there are PTA grade-level Facebook pages?


These are managed by our Grade Level Coordinators and are a great way to stay in touch and learn about upcoming events!


Click below for links to our specific FB pages and request to join!  Parents, Grandparents and Guardians of Hunt students are all welcome to participate!!























NOTE: You must first either register or update/confirm your family information before you may join PTA.