Celebration Slideshow Picture Request

This is a brand new request, not to be confused with the baby pictures you already submitted for the yearbook.


Your Hunt Hounds have come so far since their first day of school!!  It’s time to show how much they have grown!  Please help us prepare for the Annual 5th grade Celebration Ceremony by sending TWO pictures of your child for the slideshow. 

Every student must have pictures submitted.

-Send ONE picture of your child from KINDERGARTEN

 -Send ONE picture of your child from 5th grade

-School pictures work best or close –up candid pictures of your child

-Please include your child’s name and classroom teacher in the email.

-Images can be delivered Via Email (.jpeg or .gif format-larger file size is best) to



Deadline to submit pictures is Friday, March 22.


 Upcoming Dates

May 22 8:00 AM Fifth Grade Celebration Ceremony

May 24 5th grade Luau


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5th grade Coordinator 

Jill Ray




Room Parents  



Trinh Lam   ptlpharmd@gmail.com                                  

Gaye Rasmussen       gmras@verizon.net



Barb Thompson   barbthompson@yahoo.com             

Stephanie Maxwell   smaxwell1104@gmail.com



Amy Ichiba   amyichiba@msn.com                                  

Kukie Boutte   kukie.boutte@me.com



Bhargavi Patel   bhargavi999@hotmail.com                 

Dana Bennett   bennettfortune@gmail.com

Harpal Randhawa   harpalks@gmail.com



Misti Phipps   mistishine@yahoo.com                           

Susan Svidlow   susankeiko246@aol.com



Vicky Califf Vicky.califf@lashgroup.com                     

Dawn Augustson dawnplhackett@yahoo.com




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Important Dates:

5th Grade Camp                                   October 29-31

Winter Party                                         December 21

Friendship Party                                   February 14         

Fifth Grade Celebration                        May 22 8:00 AM

Fifth Grade Year End Party                  May 24